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This page is dedicated to receive admin doc of release 2.1.



Menu "club/parameters"

Account management

Currency pattern

Currency pattern is built with the currency symbol defined by the user

Pattern Symbol Separator Example Some countries
Decimal Thousand
$#,##0.00;$-#,##0.00 before comma dot $-1,234.56 Defaut, USA, England, Yen
#,##0.00$;-#,##0.00$ after comma dot -1,234.56$ Algeria, Maroc
€#.##0,00;€-#.##0,00 before dot comma €-1.234,56 Italy, Belgium
#.##0,00€;-#.##0,00€ after dot comma -1.234,56€ German, Spain, Portuguese
# ##0,00€;-# ##0,00€ after comma space -1 234,56€ French, Russia
Fr#'##0.00;Fr-#'##0.00 before dot quote Fr-1'234.56 Swiss
# ##0€00;-# ##0€00 decimal replaced by symbol space -1 234€56
#,##0$00;-#,##0$00 decimal replaced by symbol comma -1,234$56

If you don't find yours, do not hesitate to advise us!

Create users

To add an user you need first:

  • To create groups (Users/Group) if needed
  • Then you go to Users/Users list and you select "ADD AN USER"

If you see in the user list that some users are displayed on a red background, it means that the field Birthdate/Sex/Nationality are not filled.

Rights list

  • Booking
    • Book alone : allows for user to book an aircraft without an instructor
    • Book anyone : allows for user to book an aircraft for another one (solo booking and/or double one, depending of rights of this third-party. Useful function for the secretary.)
    • Book instructor : allows for user to book an aircraft with an instructor
    • Book unavailable instructor : allows for user to book an aircraft with an instructor even if this one is not available at the time gap (an alert message prevents the user. Useful function for instructors and secretary).
    • Override booking by type : ?
    • Alert : enable booking functionalities like the option "receive any made booking by mail"

  • Common user
    • No auto logout : disables the auto-logout session of ~3 minutes (Useful function for guest/visitor account)
    • Update own personal data : If user can edit some of his personal data (birthdate, nationality, sexe ...)
    • Update own qualifications : allows for user to update himself his qualifications (For instructors. For pilots if the flying club doesn't want to manage those)
    • Manage own qualifications limit : enables update of fields Identifier code, Grant date, Time limit depending if the qualification has those field on/off
    • Aircraft availability management : allows to freeze an aircraft for maintenance or whatsover. It's done by booking the aircraft, an option will be avaible while doing that.
    • Instructor availability management : allows to manage any instructor availability.

  • Common admin
    • Parameter management : allows to edit various parameters for OF like disabling/enabling flight, booking, accounting, etc ...
    • Profile management : Explicit title, let this right to at least one profile (i.e : admin)
    • User management : Explicit title
    • Pool management : Explicit title, user pool
    • Aircraft management : Explicit title
    • Reports : allows to export some reports : member list, flight list, account list, etc ...
    • Statistics management : allows to create home-made reports by writing SQL query.
    • View statistics : allows to view home-made reports
    • Logs management : allows to view logging archive
    • Key management : if option is enabled, allows to manage key

  • Flight management
    • Input flight for oneself : Explicit title
    • Flight filing for others : Explicit title
    • Check and modify flights : allows to view flight logs of anyone, appoint flights, check missing flight
    • View aircraft log book :

  • Account management
    • Account management : With others rights, allows to manager accounts (club, aircraft, member, etc)
    • Input own payments : Explicit title
    • Payment filing for others : Explicit title
    • Modify payment or transfer date : Explicit title
    • Input fueling repayment : Explicit title (seems not working at the moment)
    • Check payments : allows to validate payments
    • Get cash : Explicit title
    • Manage own transfer : Explicit title
    • Transfer from anyone to anyone : Explicit title
    • Flight hours pricing : Explicit title
    • Input pricing values : Explicit title

  • Stocks manager : Coming soon
  • Sales manager : Coming soon
  • Purchases manager : allows to use purchase manager

Create instructors

  • You check the instructor box ("Type of user" in the user form) to choosen users and you don't forget to specify the "Instructors Initials"

Create aircrafts

  • You need first to create aircrafts type as needed (in Fleet/Aircraft types)
  • Then you go to Fleet/Aircraft and you select "ADD AN AIRCRAFT"

Flight hours computation

In all formula, due to difference with interpretation of decimal separator in various personnal computer, all values must to write without decimal separator, use X/Y to obtain correct value

Do not forget that time is given in sexacentimal. So to convert in hours you have to divide by 600.

1 minute = 10 sexacentimals
5 minutes = 50 sexacentimals
1 hour = 60 minutes = 600 sexacentimals
1 hundredth of hour = 6 sexacentimals
10 hundredth of hour (=1 tenth of hour) = 60 sexacentimals

Example: for 100,10 €/h

to round at 5 minutes : roundCeil(X,50)
to round with 10 hundredths : roundCeil(X,60)

Flight hour computation formula

Authorized variables:

Authorized functions:

Flight hour computation examples

Difference of the hours


Difference of the counters


Round difference of the hours at (top) 5 minutes

roundCeil(%DURATION, 50)

Round difference of the hours at (bottom) 5 minutes

roundCeil(%DURATION - 40, 50)

Round difference of the hours at (nearest) 5 minutes

roundCeil(%DURATION - 20, 50)

Difference of the counters plus 5 minutes


Round difference of the counters at 10 hundreth


Greater between difference of the hours and difference of the counters


Greater between difference of the hours and round difference of the counters at 5 minutes


Difference of the counters rounded to the nearest 5 minutes


Example of results

input value output value
10 10
11 10
12 10
13 15
14 15
15 15

Pricing management

Pricing management formula


Authorized variables:

Authorized functions:

Sale pricing

Authorized variables:

Authorized functions:

Allowed timezone

See here

Pricing management example

  • An aircraft with a cost of 94 € per flight hours, will have:
  • An aircraft with a cost of 110 € per "counter" hours, will have:
  • When it's week-end, the cost (100 €) per flight hours is cut to half, the formula will be:
(formatDate('%w', %START_DATE) == 0 OR formatDate('%w', %START_DATE) == 6) ? 50*%DURATION/600 : 100*%DURATION/600


You may define your own qualifications (licence, medical, etc.)

For doing that, you got several parameters available:

Time limitation

For qualifications with a time limitation (pilots will have a date to set for this kind of qualification)

Identifier code management

Add a field for entering the id of the qualification attached to the pilot

Obtaining date management

Add a date field for the obtention date of the qualification

Reserved to instructors

Qualifications reserved to instructors

Blocking qualification

Qualifications will be blocking for flight (not for reservation)

Recent experience: "experience formula"

You may create qualifications checking recent experience like hours or landing number.

Like other qualifications, these ones are managed in the qualification manager (admin menu: users/qualification)

Formula checking recent experience have to be set in the "experience formula" column.

In order to make them work after inputting a flight, you have to set on which flight type and/or aircraft type you want the check to be triggered. For flight type, go to admin menu: flights/flight types then go to section Required qualifications (if alone onboard) for a given flight type and check the recent experience. For aircraft type, go to admin menu: fleet/aircraft types then go to section Aircraft types. In qualification column, click onto the image that gonna lead you to a new page then check the recent experience.

Qualification formula

Authorized variables:

Authorized functions:


Accountancy tips and tricks

Accounting formula

  • Sales variables
Authorized variables:
  • Account Export variables
Authorized variables:
Authorized functions:

Accounting example

Price item


"THING" + unique value for each account


711 + 3 first letters of login + unique value


655 + 2nd letter of login + 3rd letter of login

 655+substr(%AUTHENTICATION_LOGIN, 1, 2)

Alert email

The goal is to send a warning email to members whose theirs accounts is below the required threshold.

  • Go to Settings/Parameters
  • Then scroll down to Account management form
    • Set the balance threshold
    • Choose the frequency recall of the email
    • Set the content of the warning email

Authorized variables for email content:

Authorized functions for email content:

Aircraft Type


  • Goal: allow to an admin to create as many tanks (by aircraft type) as he needs.
  • Use: for each flight, the pilot would be able to say which quantity has been added for each tank created by the admin, before and/or after the flight.

How to create a tank

  • Go to Fleet/Aircraft types
  • then action "modify" for a choosen aircraft type
  • At the bottom of the page (below "Tank" title):
    • Fill the "Tank" text area with the choosen name (ex: "main tank")
    • Choose a fuel type and an unit
    • Clic on the "Add" button


Admin are allowed to create their own database SQL extract and to see them on their browser or to save them in an XML file via the "REPORTS" menu.

Get the list of members whom had subscribed this year

SELECT first_name,last_name FROM authentication
RIGHT JOIN member ON WHERE year(member.subscription)=$year
ORDER BY last_name,first_name

User import

You can import member via a CSV file (see details in the concerned page). Here below some particularities with the import file :

  • About sex : use M for male and F for female. Others characters and no value mean undefined sex.
  • About dates : allowed formats are YYYY-MM-DD and DD-MM-YYYY. D represents the day as a two-digits number, M represents the month as a two-digits number and Y represents the year as a four-digits number. In case you specify a bad format, the import will end at the current line where the error was found, leaving a red message. The current member and the following won't be imported.
  • About nationality, use code id. To get code id of your nationality, check here.